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Binayak Sen, Daya Bai visit Kathikudam / Sunday, Jul 25, 2010

 FOR A CAUSE: Social worker Daya Bai (second from left) and rights activist Binayak Sen (fourth from left) interact with residents of Kathikudam on Saturday. 

Thrissur: Human rights activist Binayak Sen and social worker Daya Bai on Saturday visited Kathikudam and expressed solidarity with the activists of the Nitta Gelatin India Limited Action Council. The council alleges that waste from Nitta Gelatin India Limited, a company at Kathikudam that produces ossein and limed ossein, has been polluting the Chalakudy river and causing health problems for local residents.
Mr. Sen said the alleged pollution at Kathikudam reminded him of the Bhopal gas tragedy. “Tragedy struck Bhopal on December 3, 1984, when about 5 lakh people were exposed to methyl isocyanate released from the Union Carbide pesticide plant. But the problems started long before that. The company had started polluting Bhopal long ago,” he said.
He said the residents of Kathikudam should agitate till NGIL was closed down. Ms. Daya Bai said the Council should approach the court to solve the problems in Kathikudam.
“I am sad to see the river being polluted. Pollution of water bodies poisons food. I am sad to see children who eat food that has allegedly been poisoned by effluents from the factory,” she said.

Courtesy : The Hindu  

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